Reproductive Health Education

We believe the sustainable development of a society starts with how engaged women are in that process and grows through initiatives which aim to empower women to be self-sufficient.

Under this mandate the Reproductive Health Education Program was born. Kwame Asamoah inspired us to reach out to young girls and women in response to high teenage pregnancy rates in Akropong region of Ghana. We held our first workshop in July 2008. Since that time, our volunteers have organized a number of workshops reaching over 400 girls.

Our Children Africa commits to helping women and girls make their own educated, family planning decisions. By accessing sexual health information, girls are in a better position to make important decisions in matters affecting their physical and mental well-being.

Local facilitators address a number of topics in a culturally sensitive manner:

  • sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • importance of physical and mental health
  • reproductive and sexual development
  • pre/post-natal health
  • practice of safe sex

Workshops are held regularly with Our Children Africa providing lunch and transportation to encourage participation. The costs of organizing a workshop include the hall rental, facilitator fees, sexual education materials, food, beverages, and transportation. We rely heavily on donations to conduct these seminars.