Your donation, big or small, will go a long way in ensuring Our Children Africa accomplishes its many goals. Your donation can help in the following areas.

School Sponsorship Program

There are so many aspects to creating an ideal educational environment.

  • School Construction: We have built 2 schools in the rural areas outside Ghana and are currently in the midst of constructing a 4 story “Every Child’s Path School” in Accra to meet the needs of underserved children and serve as a training centre for the “Every Child’s Path” Primary Education Program. Construction costs are estimated at $350,000 with the cost of an individual classroom estimated at $8500.
  • Ongoing Educational support: Once our school in Accra is completed there will be ongoing expenses to ensure quality education is delivered to all of our schools.

Examples of some of the costs are:

Annual teacher’s salary $1100
School supplies for 10 children $50
10 School uniforms $100
Daily School feeding program $1/a child
Annual tuition $33/a child
Uniforms $10/ a child
Desk and chair $25
A pair of shoes $10/a child
Sports equipment $300

In addition, since many of our teachers only have a high school education we endeavour to upgrade their teaching skills on a regular basis and in some situations sponsor university education programs.

Every Child’s Path

As our “Every Child’s Path” literacy and numeracy program continues to grow and expand to more schools, contributions are welcomed to cover expenses including, teachers’ training costs, noticing mats and related equipment for schools.

Reproductive Health Education

Our objective is to provide 4 Reproductive Health Education Seminars annually in those areas where the need is greatest. Each seminar which includes educational materials, transportation,hall rental and meals for the participants is estimated to cost $300

Ponacka Ghana Leadership Development

We continually strive to provide meaningful leadership and sharing experiences for children of all ages.Throughout the year we work to provide various excursions (beach, farms, museums etc.) to give the children a continuous supply of new and meaningful experiences.