Every Child’s Path Primary Education Program

Every Child’s Path, developed by Anne Kinch is a primary teaching program that teaches children how concepts in literacy and math are interconnected. Children learn how letters, numerals, words, numbers, sentences, pages and books work in similar ways.

A large carpet called the Noticing Mat is used to focus the children’s attention to necessary information as new concepts are introduced. This program ensures that children become actively involved in the learning through ongoing participation in the educational process.

In 2007, this program was introduced in the Ackropong Region of Ghana to a small number of schools with very positive results. Since than over 800 teachers have received training . Feedback from teachers shows how excited they are by the significant difference in their children’s performance in literacy and math. Both teachers and children have responded with enthusiasm to this active programme, and discipline issues have been minimized.

Some of the comments from teachers reflect the success of the program: